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A writer with multiple skills. Singular sophistication. And an uncommon degree of common sense.

My broad experience as an award-winning writer makes me confident I can help you create communication pieces that will raise awareness, spur action, and achieve your goals.

That experience helps me home straight in on the unique features and benefits you offer. People often say I'm a writer who "gets it"—who sees the main points immediately and communicates them effectively.

Sophistication means I can adapt the style to the audience. What's the best approach for yours? Elegant or earthy? Serious or funny? That's the one we'll use. And I'll adapt the message for maximum impact in the many different media available today—print, web, broadcast.

Photography is another strong skill. I also have experience with print design and layout and website construction. Often I can save clients the time and expense of hiring others to do these technical tasks.

Please take a look at the different examples of my work here. If you like what you see, let's talk about your own communication needs. I'm sure I can do the communications work you need on time and under budget. Just get in touch and we can discuss an approach that will work for you.